Setup a MEMS Sensors Lab for Education and Research

MEMS Sensors for Research and Product Development

  • Micro Heater

    • Micro structures in platinum which can be used for micro/nano scale heating, thermal cycling and gas/flow sensing applications, among others. Know More


  • Micro Cantilever

    • Piezoresistive silicon cantilevers that can be used for chemical and biochemical sensing applications. Know More

MEMS Instrumentation for Research and Education

  • Omnicant

    • A Piezoresistive MEMS and NEMS Cantilever based Experimentation and Research platform for Vapour Phase Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds and Gases. Know More
  • Sensimer

    • An Experimentation platform to drive, control and monitor MEMS Heaters and to record and analyze their thermal response due to user-defined and standard electrical excitation. Know More