Micro-Heater with IDEs


We have come up with new device called Micro Heater with IDE. This device consists of two parallelly suspended structure, namely, Heater and RTD along with inter digitated electrodes integrated in it. The low thermal mass of the heater allows for high speed heating and cooling within a few milliseconds. The RTD provided independent, in-situ and real-time temperature measurement.

Order the device in two forms-> (1)Unmounted & (2)PCB mounted.


  • Suspended Platinum structure on a silicon substrate.
  • Acts like a hot plate due to resistive heating.
  • Comes with an Integrated temperature sensor & inter digitated electrodes.
  • The device is 200 microns long and 50 microns wide with thickness less than 500nm.
  • The die size is 3mm by 3mm.

Features & Applications:

  • Fast response device from room temperature to around 400℃.
  • Gas Sensing Research by coating Nanoparticles on its surface.