NanoSniff Technologies is a Fabless MEMS Start-Up Company Founded by Dr. Nitin Kale, Mr. Kapil Bardeja, Prof. Soumyo Mukherji and Prof. Ramgopal Rao. It was incubated at IIT Bombay in 2011. It has been funded via Founders’ contributions, Angel Investors (Priyas Investments), Grants (GCC, BIRAC, GITA etc), and Crowd-Sourcing (1Crowd).

NanoSniff consists of a well-knitted Team of Engineers & Scientists, who are experts in: (i) Sensor Design, Nano-Fabrication, (ii) Coatings & Surface Functionalization; (iii) Micro-fluidics & Bio-Chemical Processing; & (iv) Embedded Systems – Hardware & Software Co-design.

Nanosniff’s focus has been on indigenously developing & commercializing, MicroSensors & Instrumentation that have applications in Sensing Chemicals (particularly Explosives) & BioChemicals (particularly Cardiac Markers).

Vision & Mission


The organization’s focus is to develop products arounds MEMS and NEMS devices, including fabrication of Micro-Sensors, Micro-Actuators and Smart Electronics through Innovative Product Design. NanoSniff specializes in bridging the gap between cutting edge research in Nanotechnology and sustainable device manufacturing through agile microfabrication process scale-up, increasing device yield and reliability, reducing manufacturing costs and making devices commercially viable and market ready.




NanoSniff products cater to a wide variety of business verticals and application areas, namely:

    • Sensors for Detection of Industrial Hazards
    • Sensors for Security and Surveillance Applications
    • Point of Care Medical Diagnostic Devices
    • Education in Nanotechnology and MEMS Experimentation
  • Applied Research in Development of New Sensing Technologies