Micro Cantilever-NMC60



The cantilever stack comprises of piezo-resistive Boron doped poly silicon, encapsulated by layers of silicon dioxide. The thickness of the micro cantilever stack is 650 nm and its length is 200 ┬Ám. It can be used in chemical and biochemical sensing applications.

Structure & Principle:

  • Diving board like structure.
  • Deflects both upwards and downwards due to compressive and tensile stresses leading to strain in the whole structure.
  • Piezo-Resistive structure enables measurement of strain in the form of change in resis-tance between two conducting points at the base of the cantilever.
  • Therefore, the Piezo-Resistive MEMS Cantilever is capable of transducing a nano-mechanical motion into an electrical signal.